English Horn Stand

English Horn Stand

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Description Description

Heritage Music Products clarinet stands are designed for the bell to sit on a soft felt pad on a thick solid walnut base rather than on a tapered peg.

Supporting your instruments in this way eliminates  stress on the cross grain of the wooden bells.

Removable modular peg system allows for different pegs.  Solid Brass 10-24 threaded insert.  Soft felt bumper pad on base and peg. Screwed on rubber feet help prevent slipping.

Includes a solid walnut English Horn peg.  Substantial base provides a low center of gravity to help prevent tipping.

Extra Pegs

Made and grown is the U.S.A. US Flag

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Dimensions Metric Dimensions Metric

Base: 17.8 cm wide x 17.8 cm long x 30 mm thick
English Horn Peg mm  at bottom, 16 mm at top, 12 cm high

Custom made pegs are available if your instrument will not fit  the dimensions listed. Please measure the top, middle and bottom inside dimensions of your bell and the length of your bell. Include them on the checkout page. Please choose the Custom English Horn Peg Option. There is a $10 setup charge.

Dimensions Inches Dimensions Inches

Base: 7″ wide x 7″  long x 1  1/16″ thick
English Horn Peg1  3/16″
  at bottom, 5/8″ at top, 4  3/4″ high