Unfloppable Woodwind Stand

aka “the unfloppable”

$59 (base only)


MSRP  $169   Online price $69- $114
 Solid Black Walnut  Instrument  Stand

The HMP Triple Woodwind Stand aka “the unfloppable”  is the newest addition to our product line . The most important design element for any musical instrument stand is the tilt factor.  Based on a handmade design used by a top major east coast orchestra Trumpet section for many years, this woodwind stand is about as unfloppable as possible.  The stand is firmly clamped to the music stand shaft at the back and sits on 2 removable feet in the front.  Measures 14″  wide by 10  1/2″ deep.  You can use your HMP 10-24 threaded pegs or purchases pegs below.  The price reflects the type of peg chosen. The base is also available without pegs.  Felt pads included, (not shown in pics).

Heritage Music Products instrument stands are hand crafted right here in the U.S.A.

The  Triple Instrument Stand holds up to  3 pegs for various woodwind instruments or a utility tray.      Choose your peg(s) below.

Unfloppable Pegs


Includes up to three(3) solid walnut pegs of your choice.  You can mix and match.

Removable feet for storage

4 mm thick heavy duty soft felt pads are machined into the pegs.

Removable modular peg system allows for different pegs including HMP woodwind pegs and utility trays, (any height for sitting or standing).

The triangular base measures  10.5″ x 14″ x 3/4″.  Solid American Walnut.

Made and grown is the U.S.A. US Flag