“the Unfloppable” Woodwind Stand

The HMP Triple Woodwind Stand aka “the unfloppable”  is the newest addition to our product line . The most important design element for any musical instrument stand is the tilt factor.  Based on a handmade design used by a top major east coast orchestra Trumpet section for many years, this woodwind stand is about as unfloppable as possible.  The stand is firmly clamped to the music stand shaft at the back and sits on 2 removable feet in the front.  Measures 14″  wide by 10  1/2″ deep.

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Triple Trumpet Stand

Based on a handmade design used by a top major orchestra trumpet section for many years, this trumpet stand is about as “unfloppable” as possible.  The stand is firmly clamped to the music stand shaft at the back and sits on 2 removable feet in the front.  The measures 19″  wide by 10  1/2″ deep.  Includes 3 solid walnut pegs with machined-in felt pads and thermoplastic rubber tops.  Add $10 for Flugelhorn peg.

Heritage Music Products trumpet stands are hand crafted right here in the U.S.A.

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This is amazing! Functional and mobile! Beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you.

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Music Stand Accessory Tray

StandPartner is a music stand accessory tray made from solid American Walnut popular with double reed and flute players across North America.  Standpartner  also makes a great trumpet mute shelf or clarinet reed tray.  No matter what instrument you play whether its a place to set your bow, rosin or personal stuff,  Standpartner is the professional musicians friend. Proven  clamping system is easily installed and removed for single gigs.  Just loosen the knobs and flip the cleat.  No need to remove any knobs!  Fits all major manufactured music stands. Handcrafted by a musician/woodworker with 30 years experience designing and building fine furniture and music accessories.

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by saxdude on Standpartner

Thanks! Wonderfully crafted piece!

by Frank on Standpartner

thank you for an excellent product. God bless you,!

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Flute Stands

Solid American Black Walnut Flute Stands.    Single double or triple flute stands. Includes your choice of C Flute peg, Alto Flute Peg, Piccolo Peg or Bass Flute Peg.  Substantial Walnut base adds a low center of gravity to help prevent tipping.   Removable modular peg system allows for different pegs. Screwed on rubber feet.  Old World Craftsmanship

Made in U.S.A.  US Flag

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by Joan on Flute Stands
Beautiful & Sturdy

Combines a hard to find Alto flute stand and the C flute stand on a solid base in beautiful wood. Can't beat that.

by Frank on Flute Stands

excellent workmanship; beautiful and does the job.

by Esliee on Flute Stands
Just Awesome

Came within a week of ordering and my fellow colleagues are so jealous and they want one! I love this purchase.

by Susan on Flute Stands
Nice Workmanship!

I love the grain on the walnut. Great fit and finish. Not made in China!

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Trumpet Mute Rack

MutePartner  is the latest product development from Heritage Music Products.  MutePartner is a 5 hole trumpet mute rack that also doubles as a music stand accessory tray with two (2) removable hole inserts and a removable cup holder. Holds Bb/C trumpet mutes as well as smaller pixie mutes and piccolo trumpet mutes in the smaller holes. Easily installed and removed on your music stand or mic stand for single gigs. Rock solid clamping.

Made in U.S.A.  US Flag

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“the Unfloppable” Woodwind Stand Triple Trumpet Stand Music Stand Accessory Tray Flute Stands Trumpet Mute Rack

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