Music Stand Accessory Tray

StandPartner is a music stand accessory tray made from solid American Walnut popular with double reed and flute players across North America.  Standpartner  also makes a great trumpet mute shelf or clarinet reed tray.  No matter what instrument you play whether its a place to set your bow, rosin or personal stuff,  Standpartner is the professional musicians friend. Proven  clamping system is easily installed and removed for single gigs.  Just loosen the knobs and flip the cleat.  No need to remove any knobs!  Fits all major manufactured music stands. Handcrafted by a musician/woodworker with 30 years experience designing and building fine furniture and music accessories.

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by saxdude on Standpartner

Thanks! Wonderfully crafted piece!

by Frank on Standpartner

thank you for an excellent product. God bless you,!

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